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PostHeaderIcon “125th ANNIVERSARY of the INVENTION of the RADIO AWARD”

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The A.R.I. and the C.S.M.I, Coordinamento Stazioni Marconiane Italiane, with the patronage of the Guglielmo Marconi Foundation, propose to all Amateur Radio and SWL Stations over the world the “125th Anniversary of the Invention of the Radio Award”

Date: 03/10/2020, from 00:00 UTC to 23:59 UTC

Purpose: the aim is to work/listen to the Marconi Stations belonging to the C.S.M.I. that will be on air from the locations where Guglielmo Marconi made his experiments in Italy. All Marconi Stations have prefix IY, but only those in the list are valid. These Stations are 12, listed in order of time, in relation with the dates of Marconi’s experiments:

1) IY4FGM – Villa Griffone - Pontecchio Marconi (BO)
Year 1895 – invention of the radio
Management: A.R.I. Section of Bologna

2) IY1SP – La Spezia
Year 1897 -  first experiments after the patent got in London
Management: A.R.I. Section of La Spezia

3) IY7M – Molo San Cataldo (BA)
Year 1903 – building of a radio station to communicate with Montenegro (inaugurated on August 3rd)
Management: A.R.I. Section of Cassano delle Murge (BA)

4) IY6GM – Monte Cappuccini (AN)
Year 1904 – receiving experiments from Poldhu in long waves (August 7th )
Management: A.R.I. Section of Ancona

5) IY5PIS – Coltano (PI)
Year 1911  - building of the intercontinental radio station
Management: A.R.I. Section of Pisa

6) IY1SM – Santa Margherita Ligure (GE)
Year 1931 -  experiments on Ultrashort Waves (VHF and up)
Management: A.R.I. Section of Rapallo (GE)

7) IYØORP – Osservatorio Geofisico di Rocca di Papa (RM)
Year 1932 -  transmissions on Ultrashort Waves (VHF) to ship l'Elettra and to Cape Figari
Management: A.R.I. Section of Frascati (RM)

8) IYØGA – Cape Figari - Golfo Aranci (SS)
Year 1932 -  experiments of transmissions on Ultrashort Waves beyond the terrestrial curvature with Rocca di Papa (RM)
Management: A.R.I. Section of Olbia (SS)

9) IYØCG – Castel Gandolfo (RM)
Year 1933 – for the design and construction of the world's first fixed and stable connection with the Vatican City, using Ultrashort Waves
Management: A.R.I. Section of Castelli Romani (RM)

10) IYØTC – Chiaruccia Tower - Santa Marinella (RM)
Year 1933 – experiments on Ultrashort Waves in the Experimental Radioelectric Center of the CNR
Management: A.R.I. Section of Civitavecchia (RM)

11) IY1MR – Rapallo (GE)
Year 1935 -  experiments on Ultrashort Waves
Management: A.R.I. Section of Rapallo (GE)

12) IYØIMD – Forte Michelangelo - Civitavecchia (RM)
Year 1935 -  experiments on Ultrashort Waves superheterodyne.
Management: A.R.I. Section of Alto Lazio (RM)

Bands and modes: all HAM bands from 160m to 70cm and all HAM modes are eligible except cross-bands modes, transmissions via repeaters and VoIP.

SASC: (Special ASC) each Station gives a SASC code valid also for the ASC Award, (see and click on number 2 – English - for more details). These SASC are in the list. The SASC can be counted also without the presence of the QSL card because the QSOs are certified by the presence in the activating stations logs.

Points: each Marconi Station in the list worths 1 point, and can be counted once, unregarding bands and modes. IY Stations not in the list are void fr this Award.

Logs: Marconi Stations must send their logs in ADIF format to the Award manager within 1 month from the event date. The presence of the applicants’ callsigns in these logs will be the only evidence of the QSO admitted.

Applications. HAMs: in order to apply for any Award the applicants must send a simple GCR list with worked Marconi Station, band, mode and UTC time. No QSL cards are needed. SWL: applicants must send a GCR list with heard Marconi Station, the station in QSO with it, band, mode and UTC time. No QSL cards are needed. Applicants must send the requests to Pier Luigi Anzini, IK2UVR, National Award Manager via e-mail: ik2uvr(at) or ik2uvr(at) The requests will be worked starting on January 2021. Click HERE to download the Application Form in DOC (Microsoft Word or Open Office-Libre Office Write compatible). Computerized form are also accepted

The list of issued Awards will be published on Radio Rivista, the Magazine of the Italian HAMs, and on

Awards: HAMs/SWLs that worked/heard at least 3 different Marconi Stations among those in the previous list can apply for the Certificate of Partecipation to the Event. HAMs/SWLs that worked/heard at least 6 different Marconi Stations can apply for the Basic Award. HAMs/SWLs that worked/heard all 12 Stations are eligible to apply for the Honour Roll Award. Please notice that IY Stations not in this list aren’t valid for this Award and cannot be counted. All Certificates are free and will be sent to the applicants via email as PDF file in attachment. The application for any Award means that the applicant agrees to get his/her personal data (name and family name) published on “Radio Rivista”, the Magazine of Italian HAMs, and on the A.R.I. web site. Otherwise, if the applicant does not want the publication of the personal data, please write this request on the application form, and only his/her Callsign will be published. For any dispute, the Award Manager’s judgement will be final and unchallengeable.

Pier Luigi Anzini, IK2UVR/N2UVR
ARI HF Award Manager