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PostHeaderIcon JT DX Sofware for JT65A [ Update v 17.5.1.UI1 ]

Recommended settings for v17.5.1:

– AGCc button: use it only if AGC being triggered in receiver by JT signals at beginning of the RX interval. Noise level change in the waterfall might be used as criterion showing that AGC is triggered in the receiver.

– Hint button: use it to decode signals on the QSO frequency and for wideband hinted decoding of the CQ messages

– Clean DX, use it to clean DX Call DX Grid windows if data there is not required, this way user could avoid some false hinted decodes

Advanced settings tab:

– Number of decoding attempts: set it as per required decoding time. It might be set to 1 if CPU frequency is 2GHz, and set to 3 if CPU frequency is equal to 3GHz. Higher values make better decoding performance.

– Number of decoding passes = 4 (may be set to 3 or 2 for CPU frequency less than 2GHz if decoding attempts=1 is not enough to get into 10 second decoding time). For VHF usage optimal number of decoding passes = 2, and number of decoding attempts may be increased to improve decoding efficiency.

– RX frequency decoding attempts: set it to 1 for slow CPU, 2 for fast CPU. Value 3 may be used for 8+ core CPUs.

– Hinted decoding DT range = 1

Frequency range on the waterfall: set waterfall window size to the frequency range you wish to be decoded. Bins/Pixel settings would let user to choose suitable waterfall window size. Any signal located outside of the watefall graph WILL NOT be decoded.

To get proper hinted decoding and FTSRD false decodes filtering operation CALL3.TXT file shall be copied to the JTDX log directory (from JTDX sofyware File -> Open log directory).

JTDX v17.5.1 software making some false FTRSD and hinted decodes. Any hinted decode marked by asterisk and FTRSD decodes marked questionmark, being blocked for sending to the server, but may be reported by JTAlert software to the server.

Warning: high number of decoding attempts setting and SWL mode take high CPU utilisation for prolonged time, causing greater power consumption and increased power dissipation/CPU cooling requirements.

Download here